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Patrice - Lil Paradise - text písně

Texty písní » Patrice - Lil Paradise

Patrice - stát se fanouškem

Oh this is crazy
We’re all just saving
For our own little paradise
We’re livin’ in hell now
Cause everybody for themselves are
Securin’ their own little paradise

I know
You know
That there is way enough
For everyone of us
Yes there is way enough
For everyone of us


No if but nor maybe
I’m upgrading daily
Want a house, girl, some babies
And a ride
Will never act shady
As long as they pay me
I’ll be the king of my own paradise

Oh this is crazy…

Dancehall verse
No matter wha’ you have
No matter wha’ you got
You want more
Physically rich and spiritually poor
Jau the planet deh pon war
Don’t even know what dem a fightin’ for
Fightin’ for
Guess they’re makin’ sure
They’re safe and secure
Make others pay for what’s yours
But we keep it raw
Yeah gotta keep it raw
Keep Jah Jah close to your heart
Some ah suffer some ah die
So you can live your life
It’s at their expense
That you build your paradise
Or should I say paradox
Cause what if the earth enrupts
And go so (njami njami) ops
There goes your block
Yau gwan call the cops
If you want call the cops
Me say gwan call the cops
yau gwan call the cops
if you want call the cops
me say gwan call the cops
jau gwan call the judge
if you want call the judge
me say gwan call the judge


Přidal: Schneemann dne 27. 06. 2008 v 09:46.
Počet zobrazení: 67 (0).

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