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Paris Bennett - Ordinary Love - text písně

Texty písní » Paris Bennett - Ordinary Love

Paris Bennett - stát se fanouškem

[Verse 1]

I don't know
whats really going on
tell me whats happening
(its like a whirl wind)
so amazing
(so tired of fighting, its killin' me)
and frankly I'm a little confused about it
don't know if I'm dreamin
(cuz he's so addictive)
and I can't believe it, what is this thing I'm fallin in


Somebody pinch me, cuz I think that I'm dreamin
I'm so messed up cuz I just can't believe what I'm seein'
its all because I felt this man has got me believin',
I like it, and I love it, and I need it,
I just can't get enough
Can't fight this, this feeling anymore
He is the, one I've been waiting for,
I'm dreamin', let me be, cuz I love him and I just can't get enough

[Verse 2]

I don't know, how I could feel this way
how did he do this to me
(he's got me open)
and I am hopin'
(that we won't ever go away)
and frankly I'm, a little scared about it
don't know if this is for real
(thought this was hazey)
its makin' me crazy
what is this thing that I'm dealing with



This dude here, just might be my soul mate
and I like,like the way his love controls me
put me first, he throw his money and his homies
hold up ya'll, I don't think you feel me
did you hear, this might be my soul mate
and I like, like the way his love controls me
put me first, throw his money and his homies
Call it what you wanna, but this ain't no ordinary love


Přidal: Ondra dne 02. 06. 2007 v 21:18.
Počet zobrazení: 335 (1).

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