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P.O.D. - One Day - text písně

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P.O.D. - stát se fanouškem

The deeper and deeper I fall, deeper and deeper I seek.
Deeper and deeper I try and deeper and deeper I need.
Forgive Me And all I see is Your face
The deeper and deeper i fall, deeper and deeper I seek.
Deeper and deeper I try, the deeper and deeper I need.
The deeper and deeper I fail, deeper and deeper I read.
Deeper and deeper I cry, the deeper and deeper I feed

Caught up in this game of life, me against you. Not doing
what I should, just the things that I want to. So wrapped
up, terrified of what I become. Outside I'm laughing, inside
I'm numb. I can't see the light because it blinds me. Try to
forget but my past always reminds me. Exposed, looked
on by eyes of grace. I'm so ashamed, Don't look at my face

Get up by your strength, I rise up to thee, but I'll stay on my
face if you will of me. Shape and mold me til your through.
Humble myself, life laid down before you. I need your wisdom,
so the truth I keep on living, and your love will always be a part
of me. Can't do a thing, if I ain't living for the kind. So don't
ever leave or take your eyes off me.
It's not who you are
It's who you're living for
Trials and tribulations will come
Breathe Babylon
Lryics by Sonny Sandoval
Babylon Breathe Babylon

I see you people babylon and on and on. Graven images, golden
idols and false icons. I'm seeking wisdom like Solomon, but my
antenae keeps on picking up evil transmissions. At headquarters
I receive my mission. Blow up the ruler of the air like nuclear fission.
So I analyze my weapons, laser guided rifles that shoot spiritual wisdom.
I think I see enemy warriors. Fragile heathens tryin' to run stuff like
mayors. So with brotha's that snuff punks, I set up time bombs to
destroy the strong holds of Babylon.

We be tribes under grace, a righteous minority. Decadent culture
make you forget your spiritual priority. Back down by the movement,
soldiers who will serve ya. Open to be used by God, destroy you
like Medo-Persia. Jewel of all kingdoms, live evil, purified Hurrah
take you down. Don't look back, overthrown you like Sodom and
Gomorrah arm of the law. Guilty of all crimes I be like the great
Prophet Isiah. Predict your fall over 150 times, got rhymes you
could never use for the purpose you be using. I'll dance over your
fields. Present day Iraq still lies in ruins lies. Schemes, backstab
persuasions bumrushed, get crushed by us, this rescue invasion
Look to the sky, heed the warning
The shadow is coming, the shadow is coming
The plagues are coming, the plagues are coming
I feel the breath of the Death Beast

Misled bureaucracy, full of hypocrisy. I gotta steel pulse, looking for
a true democracy. Destruction, now your walls have fallen. Just sitting
here waiting for the train to Zion.
Sit down in the dust, Babylon without a throne to call your own is 47:1.
The city has fallen, she has fallen. Golden images of it's god lie shattered
on the ground.

Přidal: dne 23. 04. 2005 v 12:59.
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