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Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears - text písně

Texty písní » Ozzy Osbourne - No More Tears

Ozzy Osbourne - stát se fanouškem

The light in the window is a crack in the sky
A stairway to darkness in the blink of an eye
A levee of tears to learn she'll never be coming back
The man in the dark will bring another attack
Your momma told you that you're not supposed to talk to strangers
Look in the mirror tell me do you think your life's in danger here ya
No more tears
Another day passes as the night closes in
The red light goes on to say it's time to begin
I see the man around the corner waiting does to see me ?
I close my eyes and wait to hear the sound of someone screaming here
No more tears
So now that it's over can't we just say good-bye?
I'd like to move an and make the most of the night
Maybe a kiss before I leave you this way
Your lips are so cold Idon't know what else to say
I never wanted it to end this way my love my darling
Believe me when I say to you in love I think I'm falling here
No more tears

Přidal: Pawlína dne 02. 06. 2005 v 16:08.
Počet zobrazení: 561 (0).

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