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Outkast - Southernplayalisticadillac Muzic - text písně

Texty písní » Outkast - Southernplayalisticadillac Muzic

Outkast - stát se fanouškem

Southernplayalisticadillac muzic

Big Boi:
Well it's the M-I crooked letter comin' around the south
Rollin' straight hammers and vogues in that old Southern slouch
Please, ain'tnothing but incensein my atmosphere
I'm bendin' corners in my 'Lac boi, 'causethat's how be rollin' here
Yeek, the slangis ineffect because it's Georgia
Kicking the khakis and Adidas
Packin yo' heaters 'couse you supposed to, cousin
Catfish and gritsis how my flow flows
Rollin' steady in thart Cadi but them empty bottles got to go
See juice and Jin used to be my friend from the beginning
And now I'm just a player sippin sauce every now and then
To catch a buzz like a bumble bee
Niggas who try to fuck with me
Get sprayed like Raid 'cause it ain't nothing see

André 3000:
My heat is in the trunk along with that quad knock
No my heart don't pump no Kool-Aid
Jump and you'll get too sprayed
Who raids your block the one and only Outkast
May s nigga fallin' fast and
I continue blastin', swiftly
Quickly they ain't gon' get me got something for 'em
The devil up in yo grill and you still don't even know 'em
Show 'em, who's the OK
Like collard greens and hoe cakes
I got soul, that's something you ain't got
That's why yo style is rotten
Stop in the land ATL
Where nothing but pimps, fully equipped
Quick to make a sale, swell
Swollen got my pockets, buisness boomin' like rockets
Folks try to stop it but they know that it's that

Southerplayalisticadillac funky muzik
Now playas if you choose it
You better make shure you don't abuse it
We gonna get cha highhhhhh, highhhhhh
André 3000:
Time to drop these bows, like Dusty Rhodes
Then I yell ho
And knocking 'em off they feet like a southern hustler supposed to do
It's in the house, house like, a joint is lit fo my kin folks
Ans all the Niggaz that was down, since we been broke
Takin' 'em deeper than a submarine
So scream if you hear the team of two
My crew be thick as twofat hoes sittin' off in a Brougham
I#m packin' my tag backwards if you want to be actin' wrong
Word is bond like superglue
It's funky like poopa scoop
And every word I say can true

Big Boi:
Well okey dokey KastOut
I swear to God I Got the highestfloatin' cadillac
The expialalisic Coup Deville
Can you handle that you rats
I take my crusin' 'round the city malls
And under my seat for you suckasis your finalcurtain call
The one-two to the gage p-u-m-p
You want to do a jack, I heat the barrel till it's empty, get me
See it ain't friendly getting in where it fit
Organized is on the track with that southernplayalistic shit
So copy my slang and bite my shit
but don't try gafflin' me
'cause sleepin' you'll get served with some southern hospitality


Big Boi:
Well southernplayalisicadillacmuzichas been laid
Now make way for all dayayan day be rollin' like that today hoes
So back up off get up on itif you want it y'all
Looking for hoes and snittches was my thing on player's ball yep
So now I step, rather walk with that pimp limp
Whyle my Niggaz are in east point
With that college park hemp smpke out
Is how I wanna end it on these track
So I pass it to my partner and step back off in my Cadillac

André 3000:
Step up in my shoesyou crews sitting on Trus
And Vogues for the hoesonly when we rollin' trough
Atlanta skies be blue
The sun is beamin' it seemin'
That I'm glisten, rather gleamin'
20/20got me leaning on the side
Full of pride, now ain't that something
I'm dippin' into your hood
This ain't brail, but I'm bumpin'
Thrumpin' out the roaches
Dungeon if y'allmissed it
Big Gipp, Goody Mob, PA, Outkast

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Přidal: Ondra dne 22. 02. 2005 v 23:27.
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