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Orson - Look Around - text písně

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Orson - stát se fanouškem

Baby, wake up.
Baby, come see.
And if you lose your way,
Just hold on to me.
The flames have all died out,
Our hearts are still beating.
The rain is gone,
The rain is gone.

Just look around.

Our time is not up,
Our place is in the sun.
So just wipe the ashes from your eyes, Girl-
There's so much work to be done.
And there's no way to be sure,
Just be sure to keep breathing.
We'll just keep movin' on,
we'll keep movin' on.

And look around.

We're not o.k.
But, Baby- we're alright.
So just make love to the day,
And hold each other tight.
Just remember your song,
Don't forget to keep singing.
Cause our love is a bomb.
Our love is a bomb.

Just look around.
Keep your eyes open, it's alright.
Keep your eyes open, it's alright.
Make better years from bitter days-
This is our time, This is our place.
Look Around.

Just look around

Přidal: dne 17. 03. 2006 v 22:58.
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