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Opeth - The Amen Corner - text písně

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Opeth - stát se fanouškem

White summer
So far I have gone to see you again
Hiding your face in the palm of your hands
Finding solace in the words I do despise
You snatch at every sound
And even though you believe that I am shackled within death
memories are tainted with paleness
Crestfallen still
Those eyes... empty like a barren well
It was the only task I would undertake
To reap the harvest that was mine
The seed that had sprung into a florid meadow
And left me helpless in your embrace
The bond we never spoke of, Once stark and enticing
Now slowly smoldering to dust
The celestial touch, From grey to black
A fathomless void enclosing
Unwritten secrets beneath the cobwebs
I can not endure, And so I rose from my sleep
The moon turned away its face
Overture of the long, Black night begins...
Something you said: Eerie circles upon the waters
Until now we have shared the same aura
My ashes within your hands
My breath in the sepulchral mound
You know that your night is my day
The final spark that blew life

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