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Onyx - What's Onyx - text písně

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Onyx - stát se fanouškem

What's Onyx

[Intro: Fredro Starr]
Yo what's the problem?
That's what I thought
What the fuck you looking at?
Yeah, yo, for all the our street niggas
All my project niggas
All the niggas out on the corners
And the fucking everyday struggle
Come on, Yeah , What , Yeah
Tired of these niggas man
Straight like that, fuck that
Yeah, What, Yeah, Survive for these niggas
Onyx to the death mutherfuckers

[Fredro Starr]
Onyx is gritty, grimey, the gutter
Projects, techs, nines, black Escalades
Low down, shiftee, mad at the world, straight gully
Villians, crooks, thieves, terrorists, killers
Drug dealers, Hennessey, ecstasy
Weed, Queens, Brooklyn
Robbin, stealin, stabbin, shootin, wylin
Criminals, thugs

Bloods, Crips, disaster, war
One gun, two gun, three gun, four
Rich, poor
Life, death, God the devil
Onyx the rebels
Pain, anger, danger
Real, chicks banger
Knives, guns, streets, gutters
Robbers, mothers, back the fuck up, move back motherfuckers

[Sticky Fingaz]
Onyx is love and hate
Onyx is motherfucking spit in your face
Onyx is a highspeed police car chase
Onyx is puttin a hot gun in your waist
(Move back motherfuckers)
Onyx is pride
Onyx is shootouts with your moms inside
Onyx is robbery turned homicide
Onyx is living when you thought yous gon die
(Move back motherfuckers)

We spicks, rivals, braids
Heads, we bang, murderous
Metaphor, dance, newer, quicker
Hyper, calmer, bigger, faster, better
Stronger, obnoxious, filthy
Villians, thieves, tougher, enormous
Higher performance
Brooklyn (Yeah), Queens (Yeah)
The Bronx (Yeah), Manhattan (Yeah)
Long Island (Uh)
Shinnin (Yo)
We rhymin (Yo, Yo)

[Fredro Starr]
Ayo, we wild ass niggas
Jump over the stage in the crowd ass niggas
Scream on the mic, fucking loud ass niggas
Smacking all hos, yo, they foul ass niggas
Proud ass niggas
Real ass niggas
Bring it to the streets, they kill y'all niggas
Killed for them Cadilac grill ass niggas
Throw your guns up if you feel my niggas
They still my niggas

[Sticky Fingaz]
Onyx is thugs
Onyx is nuthing to ever come before blood
Onyx is betrayal by the one that you love
Onyx is looking in the eyes of the judge
(Move back motherfuckers)
Onyx is guns
Onyx is black jeans and air force ones
Onyx is niggas on the block sellin junk
Onyx is fugitives liven on the run

Přidal: Ondra dne 22. 02. 2005 v 23:14.
Počet zobrazení: 196 (0).

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