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Ol' Dirty Bastard - Lintballz - text písně

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Ol' Dirty Bastard - stát se fanouškem


feat. Brooklyn Zoo, Popa Chief & Sunz Of Man

[Intro: Zoo Keeper (Popa Chief) {Ol' Dirty Bastard}]
*Popa Chief singing "Do or die, do or die, do or die,
do or die" throughout intro*
(What's your move bitch nigga?)
Suttin' ain't goin' down like that
I ain't lettin' niggas know they ain't know
(How you gonna get what you ain't got?
You know what I'm sayin'?) You ain't gonna get it
(Yeah) That's the way it's goin' down
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah) Fuckin' around
{Yo I mastered the art of Shadowboxin'!}

[Chorus x2: Popa Chief]
Do or die, ball or fly
Lintballz always hangin' around tryin' to get high
But fuck sittin' around waitin' on a hook up
It's time to turn the heat up
And catch these papes like cooked up

[12 O'Clock]
Niggas waitin' for hook up, get shook up
Never get your weight off and do a push up
You smokin' all my purple kush up
Don't make me push and rook up
Get you touched up, I lift my wrist up, yup, yup
Now niggas know Lil' Diggs, only twice wore a suit
Had sex in a group with a couple of bitches dance for loot
See I'ma tell them niggas about spendin' all they loot
Partyin' and trickin' on bitches and don't recoup
I got my own version of roots
Cracker ass nigga pickin' cotton and polishin' my Brooklyn Zoo boots
The new news is Brooklyn Zoo
Sunz and Two On Da Road, Blue, Crazy Cuffie Fam too

Yo, I ain't tryin' to be on no forever broke shit
So I made myself eatin' these streets where blood leak
Me and my whole fleet smoke trees, blow heat, roll unique
Do or die tactics, and keep us sharp on our feet, meak
And all we do is make classics, CCF, the Unit
Dirt Dog, the Zoo, Ghetto Government, get your ratchet
95% of them niggas is faggots, and I've had it up to here
See our face this year, appear
on your TV screen, we stay green
Money makes the world go around, know what I mean-ean?
New team, fresh and clean clean on your scene
Now sing along, sing along, y'all know the theme-heme

[Popa Chief {*singing*}]
Now do or die, do or die, do or die, do or die (aarrgh, wooh)
Now do or die, do or die, do or die, do or die (oohhh)

[Hell Razah]
Yeah, bitches wanna bone a nigga when your records is sellin'
Labels don't play a nigga when they nuttin' but felons
Young Razah got that hot shit that's under the Heavens
GG'z poppin' grey goose feathers
Prostitute cheddar, crashin' in whips with new leathers
Bad models be on the dick that shy and strip
Thinkin' we some gangsters, thugs, Bloods or Crips
Watch who you sleep, shake hands and hustle with
Why dream to be rich when I'm already rich?
Two bars I spit got the hottest nigga pissed
Chicks kiss the diamonds that twist on our wrist
Brooklyn Zoo, S.O.M., Dirty Bast' shit, nigga

Chorus x2

[Ol' Dirty Bastard (Buddha Monk)]
I whip a nigga ass on hand and hand, you get flashed
Whatever you do, I stop your ass
My name is Isis, I kill you with a hiss
I kill you with my motherfuckin' piss
A matter of fact you kill yourself, nigga I crash ya stealth
(See let a nigga come through with that bullshit)
Yeah we ain't sayin nuttin'
I never was familiar with bein' pussy
I loved that shit 'til it's bloody

[Buddha Monk]
Hey yo hold up, you told me you liked that shit muddy and swampy
And you gonna hit it from where (from the back door)
This Fam right here, is the Fam right here
And if you fuck with the Zoo you gon' get clapped right there
For this CREAM nigga, I'll walk through Muddy Waters
If he be call out, and rob your son and daughter
Lintballz in my pocket and yours is real lumby
Nah, Lay Down, gimme what you got G
Split the pie three ways, live off it for three days
And when it's done, who's the next victim today
I'm trife nigga, and I don't live by BIBLE life
I yap the nigga ripe then stash a nigga right
Yeah I did wanna do it and the Devil didn't make me
Linballz in my pocket that made me stick them G'z
Checkmate, pray to the Lord, your soul He take
Then I hip into the rob for my Fam I just got 'im, nigga

Chorus x2

[Outro: Brooklyn Zoo {Popa Chief}]
Yeah yeah, huh huh (motherfucker)
That's right, that's right, OK (alright)
Yeah so {now you be knowin'}
{Get some papes like Bill Gates}

Přidal: Ondra dne 22. 02. 2005 v 16:23.
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