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No Angels - No Angel (it's All In Your Mind) - text písně

Texty písní » No Angels - No Angel (it's All In Your Mind)

No Angels - stát se fanouškem

Call me innocent, colour me pure
I'll be anyhow you want to paint me No
I'll give you fraigle and I'll show you demure Angels
Picture perfect there's no mistaking

I'm good as gold Angel
you know what I mean
So don't be fooled
even tho' I'm sitting pretty It's

There's no angel inside of me
It's all in your mind All
What you get boy, ain't what you see
ain't that a surprise In

You treat me like you think a gentleman would
My god ya trying so hard to please me Your
You're pussy-footin 'cause ya think that you should
Why make this difficult? Could be so easy Mind

I'm bitter sweet
you know what I mean
so don't be fooled Songtexte
even tho' I'm sitting pretty


This squeaky clean, this goodie two shoes Songtext
Boy is of your desire
This so untouchable is all in your mind Lyrics
no perfect saint,
no holier than thou or wilder that wild Lyric
this is untouchable is all in your mind

Přidal: Dydzej dne 10. 06. 2006 v 20:32.
Počet zobrazení: 477 (0).

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