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Nicola Roberts - I - text písně

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Nicola Roberts - stát se fanouškem

Album: Cinderella's Eyes

I'm scared of dying and not trying
Scared of getting old
I'm scared of telling lies case karma comes
And eats me whole
I'm scared to think about the devil case
He takes my soul
I'm scared of fatties, scared of nightmares
Scared I'll lose control.
I don't like trophies
Don't like Batman, don't like bitchy girls.
Don't think it's healthy holding grudges
That won't save the world.
I don't like nasty words
They hurt me like you never know.
But don't think I won't put on a smiley face
And do the show.
I hate that bad boyfriends wear
Some beautiful disguises.
I hate it when your order comes
And they've messed up all your sizes.
Hate that I'm always late, hate that I'm messy too
I hate that I have got it in me to start feeling blue

I'm scared to wake up one day and find
That my bubble's burst.
I'm scared
That someone else has got the new collection first
I'm scared of seeing ghosts
I'm scared of the unknown
I'm scared
To be some
Two-faced person's little stepping stone
I don't like the people
That leave comments on the internet.
They preach they're perfect
While they're fucking you with intellect.
I don't like
That you won't let me speak controversially
Because you don't think
That it will sit well universally.
I hope that one day
We stop striving for perfection.
I hope that everybody loves my new direction.
I hope we no more need the adverts
That are supposed to help kids getting hurt

I hope that one day we get the answers.
I hope that one day we get the answers.

Přidal: semir11 dne 27. 09. 2011 v 22:11.
Počet zobrazení: 66 (1).

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