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Neil Young - Down Down Down - text písně

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Neil Young - stát se fanouškem

Come to see her in the river?
She'll be there to wave to you.
In the hope that you'll forgive her,
She will join you there...

Find out that now was
the answer to answers,
that you gave later.
She did the things that
we both did before now,
but who forgave her.

Now you see how down you've fallen,
Now you hear your conscious call.
Thank yourself alone for stallin',
I'm not there to call...

Call me a fool cause
I need her, and see her,
but now you're down.
Something inside you
will tell you I'm wise to
what you're spreadin' round.

If I could stand to see her cryin',
I would tell her not to care.
When she learns of all your lyin',
Would she join you there...?

Find out that now was
the answer to answers,
that you gave later.

Přidal: dne 22. 03. 2006 v 12:16.
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