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Naturally7 - What I´m Looking For - text písně

Texty písní » Naturally7 - What I´m Looking For

Naturally7 - stát se fanouškem

My mom always said "whatever you do, do it with allyour strength"......mm...that's from the bible. She said a lot of things from the bible.
She also said "if you set a goal, ain't no mountain high enough to stop you" that one ain't from the bible......THAT'S MOTOWN

No wind (no wind), No rain (no rain)
Or winter's cold.....Can stop me baby (oh babe)
Baby (baby)..if you're my goal.......oh!

It's about to go down ma
I'm about to do my thing
Make you real proud, make the whole world sing
But I'm a' do it right, the way you taught me
Can't sell my soul for gold
Cause God already bought me
You always said "Good things will happen to those that wait"
So I waited on his grace, I can't wait to see your face
When we up there for that Grammy, I'm a' dedicate it to you
So sit back relax, and watch it all come true

If you can feel this feeling that I'm feeling
Like standing for the first time
Before that I was kneeling
Mom said it best "you gotta talk to him"
Now I gotta do the rest, I gotta walk to him
He said....."Ain't nobody gonna hold you down"
He said....."I'm gonna give you all a brand new sound"
He said....."Ain't nobody gonna break-a your stride
Alright, alright, alright


So I know that I'll find what I'm looking 4
What I'm looking 4, that's what I'm looking 4

Ma, remember when we used to rehearse down in da basement
That was along time ago...yea! you've been patient
You played us "Stop, Look, and Listen" by Marvin and Diana
We thought you had skillz with that chopsticks on piano
You always said "whatever you do, make sure you do it well"
Well I'm doing it ma...........can ya tell?
I know you can cause I can see it in your smile
I've been looking at it since I was a child

Everytime I stumble, I keep moving
That keeps me humble, that's what that keeps on proving
Mom said it best, "I gotta learn with time"
Now I gotta do the rest, I gotta earn what's mine.


Na na na na, na na na na, na na na na, na-no no no no
You can tell by the spirit (tell)
You can tell by the style (tell)
I'm like a river, (river) so I'm-a flow like the nile (that's right)
You can tell by the hunger (tell)
We've been waiting a while (waiting)
He said "it won't be long now. Can you handle the miles?" (Just a few more miles to go)


Ain't no mountain high enough
Ain't no valley low enough
Ain't no river wide enough

Přidal: supercheer dne 07. 09. 2007 v 20:15.
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