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Naturally7 - Fly Baby - text písně

Texty písní » Naturally7 - Fly Baby

Naturally7 - stát se fanouškem

We sent a demo to the world, they said it sounds like Take 6.
I said "hold on, wait a minute, I'll be back with the remix.
Now dey looking at us funny, we can't make any money.
It took us years to figure out, that we were dealing with dummies
.They didn't understand the sound from the Bronx, that's the boogie down.....to Huntsville, Alabama....there's no circles in my planner...so
It was time to make the product, so we hooked up with Townsend.
Made a deal with John Neal, on the road sold ten thousand.
W.B.A.....that means a trip to Nashville.
Festplatte showed up and said them boys are naturals
.Can you hear what they were hearing? See what they were seeing?
From Bronxto Berlin, we took the tour European
"All vocal" yea, we 'widit', call the album "What is it?"
With Sarah Conner, Set the goal for #1 and we hit it.
But now it's Kev, Sim, Drew, Stew, time for a new day.
Ring de alarm, hit'em on skype, or a 2 way......
Yo that's a mouthful.......we READY II FLY

Fly baby! Time to leave that nest
Fly baby! This ain't no time to rest
Fly baby! You got work to do......spread my wings and fly
Fly Baby! Time to leave that nest
Fly baby! This ain't no time to rest
Fly baby! Can't you see there's work to do.....
Come on! Spread my wings and fly.

Přidal: supercheer dne 07. 09. 2007 v 20:14.
Počet zobrazení: 73 (0).

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