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Mya - Shake It - text písně

Texty písní » Mya - Shake It

Mya - stát se fanouškem

Uh uh What uh
Who me
Let's ride and shake
Uh uh yeah
Let's ride and shake
Now you know you're looking good
Lookin damn fly
Can't help it boo, but notice you from the corner of my eye
Yeah I got a man at home
But the conversation's old
He think he slick ain't doing right
So now he's got to go
I'll be parked up at the Shell at a quarter past twelve
Creeping in my Navi parked over to the left
Tell me what'cha gonna do cause I'm 'bout to make that move
Say yes without the questions
Cause boy I'm ready to
Chorus: (2xs)
Gon ride ride ride
Shake shake shake
You and me one on one
Without a break
We gonna ride ride ride
Shake shake shake

We can get together baby starting today
Now I know that you want me
Just as much as I want you
You ain't got to lie you ain't go to front
So why don't ya tell the truth
As of now we send the past
Not enough time for being sad
I'm a sexy shaker girl move on
And don't you move to fast
See you know how the game is played
If it was you, you'd put her through the same thing
Are you with that it is wrong
Now can we please get it on
You're the only that knows can we get down now
Chorus 5xs
Turn off the car lights
And hold me tight
When we touch when we rub
When we kiss when we hug
Show me love till I can't get enough
Do you understand feel my plan
It's all about you forget my man

Přidal: simír dne 31. 07. 2007 v 19:03.
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