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Mobb Deep - Best Love Story - text písně

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Mobb Deep - stát se fanouškem

Best love story

Yeah m-o-b-b yeah
With our girl D' Mello
What's the deal baby
It's on now
Let's make it happen
It's real you know how we rock baby
For real
For real for real

Yo cold world
You wanna be out without hearin' me out
This shit that bad that it got you ready to bounce
All you said you wanted was some love and affection
Never tried to change you or switch your direction
Was always there
N*gga ain't perfect or nothin'
But when I do write I want credit for makin'
You got my heart racin' like a cardiac patient
I need you now
I can't smell it but i sure can taste it

Farewell my love
Time to say good-bye
Go our seperate ways
Can't forget the other night
Remember there she stood
In the place I did
Couldn't believe my eyes
Never thought you would break ym heart

Bridge 1
Break my heart break my trust in you
There was nothin' I wouldn't do
Promised me that you loved me too
I found out this was all a lie
Made a fool of me
Tore me apart

Why'd you go and end the best love story
Ever told
Didn't take you long to end my glory
Now I know
You were only usin' me
I was blind but now I see
I wont play the fool anymore

Want a second chance
Oh no not this time
Gotta walk away
Your excuse just doesnt fly
Said it was just a fling
Only for one night
Hope it was worth riskin' everything
Cause I'm walkin' out of your life

Bridge 2
Break my faith and my trust in you
Did she love you the way I do
Promised her that you love her too
Well i done trust wou with all your lies
Made a fool of me for the last time


So baby heaven knows that I have tried
I gotta walk away don't need this drama in my life
You hurt me once wont hurt me twice sayin' bye bye
Farewell my love

Listen just hear me out though
Just listen

Me and you is like the best of friends
We need to stop this
Too much arguin' and childish nonsence
Me blamin' you, you blamin' me
Goin back and forth
Want some different tactics bullshit
Man we both need to grow up and cherish this love
One in a million love
What happened to us
To both us hugged up
In that picture for our keychains
I was on the phone
Letters and things
Back in the days
Late at night you snuck me in the crib
I slept in the closet
So we wouldn't get busted
Puppy Love
Now we all grown up
Got our own spot with a couch
Look what
But where did we go wrong
Musta O.D.ed off each other
It's like drugs when we sexin'
This can't be the end of it
We need to make up for breakin' up
And fix this right now

Chorus x3

Přidal: Z U P A dne 12. 02. 2005 v 15:19.
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