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Millionaires - I Like Money - text písně

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Millionaires - stát se fanouškem

(A)Drop it down, raise it up.
(A)Side to side, left to right.
(A)Lick your lips, flip your hair.
(A)Watch him sweat over there.

(M)High heels, makeup, fake eyelashes.
(A)Look at you, you're so damn plastic!
(M)Acrylics on with orangey skin.
(M)That Lipo really made you thin.

(A)Tease it, spray it, make it big.
(A)Your hairs so big, it's like a wig!
(M)Your skirt is short, your top is low.
(M)Speed it up, it's way too slow!

(A)You like it when i rock my hips,
(A)so why you staring at my tits?
(M)So go to him and make him work
(M)for what he's got and how you twirk.

(A)Look over here!
(M)and let me see that body rock!
(A)Get over here!
(M)I know you like what i've got!

(A)Look over here!
(M)and let me see that body rock!
(A)Get over here!
(M)I'll show you what i've got!


(M)Cigarettes, 80 proof.
(M)Take my picture, i'm so damn cute!
(A)Fake ID's, lot's of cash.
(A)Race that Benz,
(M)we go real fast!

(A)2 a.m. and i'm still going.
(A)Pour my drink, it's overflowing!
(M)Take me home, rough me up.
(A)No one's here,
(M)so let's just FUCK!

(M)Let me see you break it down
(M)on the floor, to the ground.
(A)He's so hott with all those tats!
(M)Especially in that LA hat!

(A)Diamond plugs, septum rings.

(M)Here's my number, hit me up.
(A)We're Livin' Life!
(M)You know what's up!


(A)MILLIONAIRES are here to stay.
(M)Watch your boys, we're here to play.



A)- Allison
(M)- Melissa


Přidal: dne 25. 06. 2008 v 14:57.
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