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MellowHype - Loco - text písně

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MellowHype - stát se fanouškem

Album: Blackenedwhite

Good fuckin' mornin', nigga
Wake the fuck up, it's four o'clock man, come on

Pigs raid my crib, I'm feelin' like Fred Hampton
I got firearms under my mattress, campin'
Yo, I'm from the ghetto where there's special enhancements
Niggas begin to shootin' don't get second chances
Banana clips conceal weaps, hit 'em 'til they feel sweat
Beat these predator United States, bitch I'm a real threat
Besides the drug movement, move with all the socially Socialists
And we hangin' by the rope and shit, we give each other hope like gifts
Though I'm a nigga with an attitude, drinkin'
Aimin' at your dude, scary, huh? Your bladder fooled
Hinderant doctor, with a militant posture
Bearin' arms like an octo, smoke killa weed, killa Rasta
At the lamppost in Oakland next to Bob Seal
My heart don't beat, fuck the heart throb feel
I said, I said, my heart don't beat, fuck the heart throb feel

It's not just you
I hate everybody, goddamn

Man I tell 'em boys catch up, catch up, ketchup, ketchup
Odd Future Wolf Gun Gang put them tecs up
One shot, one kill, Tyrane never mess up
Take more than a fuckin' lie detector to fess up
Mustard, mustard, mustard, mayo
Odd Future Grand Gang music and the yayo
Anthrax packaged to the door in potato
Call me hammerhead cause I mash him like he Play-Doh
I'm a rat nigga, where the cheese at?
I'm goin' after stacks, nigga, where them G's at?
Matter fact, honey, where dem B's at?
And all them niggas with them A-B-C hats
I'm a take y'all back to school, you fuckin' dropout
Who work a fuckin' 9 to 5 just to cop out
I'm on the block nigga, not when the cops out
Keys open doors and you the mothafucka locked out

Bitch, Wolf Gang, MellowHype, BlackenedWhite
Killin' y'all niggas, don't fuck with Odd Future bitch

Přidal: Ornela dne 09. 06. 2011 v 17:33.
Počet zobrazení: 84 (0).

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