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Martin Stosch - Have You Found What You Were Looking For - text písně

Texty písní » Martin Stosch - Have You Found What You Were Looking For

Martin Stosch - stát se fanouškem

Have you found what you were looking for
Or are you back for more – the time is right
Better stop to tell me what to do
I think it’s not on you to turn on me – I’m on your side


Step up with pride
Never try to make you smaller
Keep up your head
Ev´ry move can make you taller

We’re on our way
None here will dare to stop us
May come what may
Trust me I’ll be here to guide you


I know it’s always in control
You and me – the time is right!
(but) tell me now – this ....I have to know!

Ref:....Have you found what you were looking for.....


Look up and smile
Time is changing for the better
Just for a while
Nothing in the world will matter

We keep the faith
Ev´rything will be in order
Let’s not look back
There is more across the border


You know it’s always in control
Me and you – the time is right
(but) tell me now – this .....I have to know!


Přidal: Schneemann dne 14. 06. 2008 v 21:33.
Počet zobrazení: 68 (0).

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