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Mariah Carey - The Roof - text písně

Texty písní » Mariah Carey - The Roof

Mariah Carey - stát se fanouškem

(I got you stuck off the realness)
(I got you stuck off the realness)

It wasn't raining yet
But it was definitely a little misty on
That warm November night
And my heart was pounding
My inner voice resounding
Begging me to turn away
But I just had to see your face
To feel alive
And then you casually walked in the room
And I was twisted in the web
Of my desire for you
(And I was twisted)
My apprehension blew away
I only wanted you
To taste my sadness
As you kissed me in the dark

Every time I feel the need
I envision you caressing me
And go back in time
To relive the splendor of you and I
On the rooftop that rainy night

And so we finished the Moet
And started feeling liberated
And I surrendered as you took me
In your arms
(You took me in your arms)
I was so caught up in the moment
I couldn't bear to let you go yet
So I threw caution to the wind
And started listening to my longing heart
And then you softly pressed your lips to mine
And feelings surfaced I'd suppressed
For such a long long time
(And I was lifted)
And for a while I forgot
The sorrow and the pain
And melted with you as we stood
There in the rain


Last night I dreamed that I
Whispered the words I love you
And touched you so very
Subtly as we were kissing goodbye
(Pretty baby - How I'm missing you)


Přidal: Ondra dne 27. 02. 2005 v 09:55.
Počet zobrazení: 171 (0).

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