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Lenka - Bring Me Down - text písně

Texty písní » Lenka - Bring Me Down

Lenka - stát se fanouškem

I won’t let this burden bring me down.

So here we are again
starin’ at the end
of what we made and who we are.
Never knowin' when
one of us will break apart
and walk the other way, love.
I don’t know what to say, love.
I don’t know how to stay
when you won’t let me be
the person that I am.

The writings on the wall.
There’s nothin' to say anymore.
So ill leave before I fall apart
right back into your arms.
The writings on the wall.
You gave nothin' back at all.
But I want something better.
I won’t let this burdon bring me down.

What are we to do?
What are we to say to one another
now were through?
Thanks for bein' you.
Thanks for bein’ all things
I had to say goodbye to.
Im over bein' lied to.
Im over bein’ pushed into the person
that you want me to become.


Oh where did it go wrong?
We had it for so long.
But now there’s no point in turning back
let’s face the fact


I won’t let this burdon bring me x2
I won’t let this burdon bring me down.

Přidal: dne 16. 07. 2009 v 20:15.
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