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Lady Sovereign - Gatheration - text písně

Texty písní » Lady Sovereign - Gatheration

Lady Sovereign - stát se fanouškem

Oioioi! This is the midget's mansion. Yo. An' if you ain't invited you ain't comin' in'... by... S.O.V...

It's like orcas splashin, people crashin
Unnecessary drunken feuds is fashion
Clean up that spilt drink or you ain't crashin
My bed's out of bounds, so strictly no lashin

Where's my debit card? NOBODY MOVE
You ain't gettin out of dis room until I prove
That you didn't take it and I misplaced it
Now get out my chair. I wanna trade face, bitch!

All these facety chicks 'ave gotta face it
Even on a Friday evening when I'm wasted
You see this life? Well you'll never gonna taste it
I don't associate with wasters

There's a gatherin. Where's it at? My yard.
Who's reachin? It's gettin messed up
There's a gatherin. Where's it at? My yard.
Who's reachin? It's getting mashed up
There's a gatherin. Where's it at? My yard.
Who's reachin? It's gettin messed up
There's a gatherin. Where's it at? My yard.
Who's reachin? It's getting fukked up!

Now who's in my yard? I've lost count.
There's 10 downstairs, there's 4 on the couch
There's 5 runnin about, someone better bounce
Before I - ding ding! And your lights are out
Or you get left out, like the ginger girls are louts

Someone's vomitin, give me the sponge and towel
Allow it. I'll clean up the sick.
Why have another sip if you can't even handle it?
Lightweights ? I really can't stand em
Stay away 'cos I'll do sum'in random (roar)

And they're monkeys, and their faces are brown
And the world comes to the midget's mansion

Who's reachin? Who's getting ?wot wot? [x7]

So that's me drunk as a skunk
Shaggin, like, some offbeat punks
So I got scared and went to the shop and got my junk food
I wasn't tryin to be rude. I was in the gatheration spirit, innit?
My bedroom stinkin of fries and Guinness
I gave it one look and I said "Bin it!"
"She said that she'd be back in a minute." Izzit?
How 'bout next Friday?

[Chorus x2]

Yeah. Get to know dis. Gatheration. It's not called a house party no more.
Yeah. Gatheration Nation. Lady Sovereign, on time. Make way for the S.O.V.!

Přidal: Ondra dne 29. 10. 2006 v 11:22.
Počet zobrazení: 267 (1).

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