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Kathy Kelly - You're Losing Me - text písně

Texty písní » Kathy Kelly - You're Losing Me

Kathy Kelly - stát se fanouškem

You don´t understand
The things you did to me
You don´t understand
You don´t understand at all
My hopes were great and true
But there´s nothing I could do
All the pain you caused
You don´t understand at all

You´re losing me
You´re losing my love
If you can´t turn around
Stop all you lies

Years went by and lost
I´m picking up my rests
I´m lifting up my life
You no longer understand
You know better than I
Why it couldn´t work
Let us part in peace
For the little one of mine Oh yeah


We both need a break right now
Stop it all and let´s go home
We all need a break right now
Stop it all and let´s go home


Never more will my lips
Speak your name

Přidal: Nikla7 dne 25. 12. 2008 v 17:20.
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