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Karmah - Tom's Diner - text písně

Texty písní » Karmah - Tom's Diner

Karmah - stát se fanouškem

I am thinking of your voice
and of burning like bling bling once a ponner time
before the rain began


As more yo people start getting bussy, look at them is just so crazy. They all trap soar by their rase to even recognize their mother's face. lies sadly all their lifes.
on my mind is be in corner by a smaller world in a coffee.

I am sitting in the morning at the diner on the corner.
I am waiting at the counter for the man to pour the coffee
and he fills it only halfway and before I even argue...

He is looking out the window at somebody coming in


"It is always nice to see you" says the man behind the counter to the woman
who has come in she is shaking her umbrella and I look the other way
as they are kissing heir hellos I'm pretending not to see them
Instead I pour the milk


and then suddenly the world just freez like someone called curtains up
and their playing different comedies on the same's teach in the very same time.
Nothing seems to be important while I watch life's passing by.
everything seems now so distant from this time
your world in this coffee time.
I open up the paper there's a story of an actor
who had died while he was drinking it was no one
I had heard of and I'm turning to the horoscope
and looking for the funnies

When I'm feeling someone watching me and so
I raise my head

There's a woman on the outside looking inside does she see me?
No she does not really see me cause she sees her own reflection
and I'm trying not to notice that she's hitching up her skirt
and while she's straightening her stockings her hair is getting wet


Přidal: Ondra dne 01. 08. 2006 v 01:01.
Počet zobrazení: 2901 (0).

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