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Joss Stone - Dirty Man - text písně

Texty písní » Joss Stone - Dirty Man

Joss Stone - stát se fanouškem

You're a dirty, dirty man
And you gotta dirty mind
You're a dirty, dirty man
You and that other woman, you're 2 of a kind
But you forgot 1 thing baby when you were doing me wrong
That Im a good house keeper
Im gonna take my broom and sweep
All of the dirt out on the street

You're a dirty, dirty man
Oh in so many, so many dirty ways
You're a dirty, dirty man
And you've been hidding your little dirt all over this here place
I know you have
Oh here's my chance baby to throw some mud in your face

Coz Im a good house keeper
Im gonna take my broom and sweep
All of the dirt, yes I am, out on the street

Oh, Im cleaning outl my whole house
Fast as I can
Its time to make everything spick and span

You're a dirty, ooh you're a dirty man
You do me dirty for so many years, yes u did
You're a dirty, dirty man, yes u are
And Im tired of you and your woman and your dog too
You're a dirty man
You're a dirty man
Now get outta my house
Dont u never, never, never come back again
Dont u never
You're a dirty, dirty man

And Im done with your dirty ways

Přidal: dne 08. 03. 2006 v 14:21.
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