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Jessica Andrews - Hungry Love - text písně

Texty písní » Jessica Andrews - Hungry Love

Jessica Andrews - stát se fanouškem

Back in the woods in a shotgun shack
Right above the railroad tracks
In old junk cars and tractor parts
Marylou she grew up
Hungry love
Her daddy he left with a new barmaid
Mamas in town cause she loves to play
Marylou shes all alone with an old stray dog
That she loves to hug
Hungry love


To get away from it all she puts her headphones on
And turns the music way up loud
The first boy who comes along
And pays her any mind at all
Will be the only love shes ever found
it's in her blood
Hungry love
Marylou turned seventeen
With a baby bouncing on her knee
Her sweetheart left in a pickup truck
So she did just what her mama had done
Hungry love
She spent her nights out in the bars
While her baby sat and watched the stars
With an old rag doll she loves so much
Growing up too fast too tough
Hungry love

[Repeat Chorus]

it's in her blood
Hungry love
Back in the woods in a shotgun shack
Right above the railroad tracks

Přidal: Ondra dne 09. 09. 2007 v 18:09.
Počet zobrazení: 95 (0).

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