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Jedi Mind Tricks - Deathbed Doctrine - text písně

Texty písní » Jedi Mind Tricks - Deathbed Doctrine

Jedi Mind Tricks - stát se fanouškem

Album: A History Of Violence

There was a god before me
There won't be a god after me
Attack you on a cellular level and cause atrophy
I'm a war monger I never explore passively
I would die first so no human's a blood match for me
I was in the land of Israel with four Maccabees
I am the perfect machine you can't hack in me
My mind is the perfect regime you can't rap with me
Nine with the infrared beam and blood splats on me
Vinnie ain't a sucker, he doesn't record happily
I just black out in the darkness of god's tapestry
Boomerang suckers, I throw 'em they come back to me
That's why I travel with guards and 4 gats on me
I don't even listen to y'all, y'all all whack to me
I don't want that bullshit y'all make attached to me
45 caliber claw so fall back from me
While y'all gradually get trapped in the earth's gravity

Unafraid of zero
I am made of make believe and miracles
Heroes, I am of space's greatest materials
Spiritual, invisible, immaterial
Simple, insensible, imperial
Indispensable, pinnacle, essential
Uneventful, unpreventable
My mind is sinful, my body's a temple
My soul is cleansable, I'm full of potential
I allure the pure, I adopt the rotten to the core
Copy these atrocities of war
Poke two holes in her shoulder to hold me over
Eyein' me sober is like findin' a four leaf clover
Rave of my esteemed behavior, I'm a dream slayer,
Call me when you need a favor I'm a team player
I'm a peacemaker, cheap labor,
Be with your believed creator, greet nature

For my fam I'm a ride for ya
I commit a homicide for ya
In the court with the judge tell a fuckin' lie for ya
And that's just somethin'
That a sucker couldn't understand
How a G shed a tear then hug his man
My mind only paralleled by the laureates
Tell Satan I just caught a body and absorbed his debt
I cock the hammer and I saw him sweat
You must be stupid thinkin' you could be a devil and Allah forget
We the greatest fuckin' clique in the game
If you know somebody better
Pussy give me they name
It wouldn't be sane
That's a dumb fucking move cousin
I got the Roger Clemens heater 22s cousin
I ain't sayin' y'all can't be around here
I'm just sayin' we ain't gonna let you eat around here
We demons round here
Carnivore heathens round here
A bunch of grimy motherfuckin human beings
Round here

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