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Jay-Z - Blue Magic - text písně

Texty písní » Jay-Z - Blue Magic

Jay-Z - stát se fanouškem

So what if you flip a couple words I could triple at them birds,
open your mind you see the circus in the sky.
I’m Ringling brothers Barnum Bailey with the pies,
no matter how you slice it I’m your mother f**king guy
Just like a b-boy with 360 waves
do the same with the pot, still come back beige.
Whether right or south paw, whether powder with yall
whip it around, it still comes back hard.
So easily do I W-H-I-P,
my repitition in buisness' to bring them kilo digits.
I got kreole C-O from my niggas who slipped, became prisoners, trees taped to the visitors.
You already know what the business is
Unnecessary commissary, boy we live this shit.
Wanna bring the 80s back, that’s okay with me, that’s where they made me at.
Except I don’t write on the wall,
I write my name in the history books, hustling in the hall
Nah, I don’t spin on my head I spin work in the pots so I can spend my bread

I'm kickin it
I'm kickin it
I'm not talking about it
I’m living it
I'm kickin it
Straigh kickin it
Kick-k-k-k it boy

Don't waste your time fighting the light

[verse 2]
this '87 state of mind that I’m in,
In my prime, so for that time, I’m Rakim
If it wasn’t for those crimes that I was in
But I wouldn’t be the guy who's rhymes it is that i'm in
no pay no profit, P I’ll repeat it to show you where the pot is
Cherry M3s with the top back
Read and green Gs are on my hat
North beach leathers, matching Gucci sweater,
Gucci sneaks on to keep my outfit together
Whatever, hundred for the diamond chain
Can’t you tell that I came from the dope game
Blame Reagan for making me into a monster
Blame Oliver north and Iran-Contra
I ran contraband that they sponsored
Before this rhyming stuff we was in concert

I'm kickin it
I'm kickin it
I'm not talking about it
I’m living it
I'm kickin it
Straigh kickin it
Kick-k-k-k it boy

[verse 3]

Push, money over broads you got it, Bush
Chef, guess what I cooked
We baked a lot of bread,
and kept it off the books (financial reports, lol)
Rockstars, look, way before the bars my picture was getting took
Feds, they like wack rappers. Try as they may they couldn’t get me on the hook
D.A. wanna indite me, cuz fish scales in my veins like a pisces
The pirecs pot rolled up my sleeve,
turn one into two like a Siamese twin when it end
and Imma stand as a man never die in Armani, last of a dying breed
So let the champagne pop, I partied for a while now I’m back to the Block.

I'm kickin it
I'm kickin it
I'm not talking about it
I’m living it
I'm kickin it
Straigh kickin it
Kick-k-k-k it boy

Přidal: Ondra dne 03. 10. 2007 v 11:28.
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