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Jason Mraz - Live High - text písně

Texty písní » Jason Mraz - Live High

Jason Mraz - stát se fanouškem

I try to picture a girl
Through a looking glass
See her as a carbon atom
See her eyes and stare back at them
See that girl
As her own new world
Though a home is on the surface, she is still a universe

Glory God, oh God is peeking through the blinds
Are we all here standing naked
Taking guesses at the actual date and time
Oh my, justifying reasons why
Is an absolutely insane resolution to live by

Live high
Live mighty
Live righteously
Takin it easy
Live high, live mighty
Live righteously

Try to picture the man
To always have an open hand
And see him as a giving tree
See him as matter
Matter fact he's not a beast
No not the devil either
Always a good deed doer
And it's laughter that we're making after all

The call of the wild is still an ordination why
And the order of the primates
All our politics are too late
Oh my, the congregation in my mind
Is this assembly singing of gratitude
Practicing their lovin for you

Live high
Live mighty
Live righteously
Takin it easy
Live high, live mighty
Oh live righteously

Take it all,
And just take it easy
And celebrate the malleable reality
You see nothing is ever as it seems
Yeah this life is but a dream

Lift me up to the almighty
Raise your hands and start acknowledging

Live high, live high
Live mighty, mighty, mighty,
Oh live righteously
Takin it easy
Live high, live mighty
Oh live righteously
Just take, just just taking it easy
Live high
Oh live mighty, mighty,
Oh live righteously
Take it all, just take it, take it easy
See live high,
Oh live righteously
Just take it easy

Přidal: Ondra dne 04. 09. 2008 v 12:38.
Počet zobrazení: 172 (1).

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