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Jamiroquai - Black Crow - text písně

Texty písní » Jamiroquai - Black Crow

Jamiroquai - stát se fanouškem

He sees the stormy anger of the world
And wants no part of it at all
And as the savage winter call
See far below the dust of conflict settles in the hill
Whwrw there was no escape before
And as he spreads his wings and soars up to another level
He brings the icy prophecies of war

Black crow,black crow,tell me where you relaly go
When you fly into the sunsest,high in eveving sky
Black crow,black crow,tell me where you really know
Will we flourish in this hurricane,or will we fall and die?

While children lose their souls and so much more
To raggen armies of the field
A vicious fanfare cries appeasing hungry savages
To trigger that fate is surely sealed
I wonder where thet black crow sleeps at all
I wonder where that black crow sleeps as day backons the night
Or if he even sleeps at all
I wonder what he thinks of all the human traffic far below
That's struggled on the road so,so long

Tell me black ceow,black crow silently you pass above
Understanding everithing bit you know nothing at all
Black crow,black crow,tell me what you realy know
Do you understand the we feel down here at all

Přidal: Ondra dne 24. 09. 2005 v 15:39.
Počet zobrazení: 211 (0).

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