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Jamiroquai - Black Capricorn Day - text písně

Texty písní » Jamiroquai - Black Capricorn Day

Jamiroquai - stát se fanouškem

Hey hey
Hey hey
Let the rain come down on me
Hey, hey, hey, hey
I see people and they're craving blood
And I'm so rarely understood
Well I don't know what they want from me,
It's gonna take sometime just to let them see

I'm going through a black, hey Capricorn day
And though it doesn't seem so
I'm going through a black hey Capricorn day
Though you want to check me out
I'm not the man to play, play, play, play.
Hey hey
Don't you see I'm not the man to play
Hey hey
No way you can play with me today
Hey hey
Just let me sing it to my Capricorn day
Hey hey
My heart is a pure sun and the sky is black
And I can feel cold steel when I turn my back
It stings like needles, with a jagged tongue
You know this scream reminds me
Of when I was so young

I never had any of those
Black hey Capricorn days
Though it doesn't seem so
I've got to get this way
I'm going through a black hey Capricorn day
and though you want to check me out
I'm not the man to Play, play, play, play

It's just to black for me [x14]
It's just too black

I'm stuck on the highway
leading straight to hell
Like any other drifter with a soul to sell
You know I'm dealing with the devil
In everyone I meet
And their faces tell a story,
That life ain't so sweet
[repeat 1st chorus]

Přidal: dne 02. 05. 2006 v 11:19.
Počet zobrazení: 108 (0).

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