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Iron & Wine - Big Burned Hand - text písně

Texty písní » Iron & Wine - Big Burned Hand

Iron & Wine - stát se fanouškem

Big Burned Hand

When the arrogant goddess of love came to steal my shoes
She had a white-hot pistol and a noname hard tattoo
Saying one's to give
And one's to take away
But neither of them will keep you off your knees
The children bowed and bolted off the stage
While the lion and the lamb kept fighting for the shade tree

And the ransom God of war came to set me free
He had a couple of cold bottles full of gasoline
Saying all I love is all that I allow
You blew me a kiss of a big burned hand
Get each up with smoke and fell down
While the lion and the lamb kept shooting at a tin can

When the gun-shy goddess of love came back to patch things up
She had a purple heart and mother's milk in a plastic cup
Saying he loves to lay you gently in the grave
He loves the flag you fold before you go
When the curtain rolls the crowd is blown away
While the lion and the lamb kept fucking in the back road

Přidal: Ornela dne 22. 01. 2011 v 16:55.
Počet zobrazení: 122 (0).

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