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Infernal - Bloody Rain - text písně

Texty písní » Infernal - Bloody Rain

Infernal - stát se fanouškem

The time goes by and suddenly I see
That my brain stopped in time
The night is over and I'm still in the dark

I don't feel my body anymore
Just my burning viscera
The coaled members
And the rest of alcohol
That runs inside of my veins

Kill in the name of the blessed pain
Die again in the bloody rain

I need to run free
And wipe away the silhouette
Of prophets and demons
From the unidimensional space
Of my imagination
But all that I see
Are the nuclear ogives
Falling on our heads
And the wreckage wandering
Over unknown oceans

Oceans of blood
Flooding damned lands
Left and right
Division of souls
Between heaven and hell

The semen of sin sows now
The soulless unfertilized land
Due to the equidistant people
Between the past and the future
Could be the almost dead witness
The last dog hearly scream
The last meat worthy to decay
The last demon to be exorcised
The last body able to be possessed

Přidal: Ondra dne 11. 09. 2007 v 09:28.
Počet zobrazení: 116 (0).

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