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Helloween - When The Sinner - text písně

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Helloween - stát se fanouškem

Now it¹s time ­ to shake it all up the be free
Now it¹s time ­ to make us some room to let us be
oh, it feels so bad
Yes it feels so bad
When everything good looks so bad
When everything right goes so wrong
I am up ­ to break it all down what¹s in my way
I won¹t stop ­ until I am where I¹m going to stay
No­one holds me back
No, no­one holds me back
Don¹t wanna be what i¹m not
But its gotta be myself who break my neck
I look here and you look there, I know it¹s got to be somwhere
We look around and search around and walk around and hear around
We keep on looking Rtil we know what for
If you don¹t know it, I don¹t know it, we don¹t kow it, who will know it ?
All of us don¹t know what we should know ­ maybe one day we¹ll know
But anyway we¹ve got to make a stop
Over my head ­ look over my head you won¹t see no halo
It¹s driving me mad ­ I must hold it back inside
When the sinner searches sin, it¹s all of us
When we finally search inside, it¹s under us
We keep on looking anyway
If we don¹t find it who must pay ?
All I¹ve ever done I¹ve done for you !
In my mind ­ the battle goes on Rtil I give up
Will we find ­ the key of life we once have dropped ?
Do you really care ?
Tell me you really care !
You may find Mr Blame
But the guilt of life burns everywhere
Give me light to see my inside, give me light to see my sin
I¹d never do what I regret, I¹ve never done anything bad
You must be joking when you point at me !
Hey ! Don¹t you blame me ! Don¹t you touch me !
Won¹t you ever leave me be ?
I wanna live ! Don¹t wanna think ! Why should I gve what I can drink ?
Man ! Life is short so I take what I need !
Over your head
When the sinner...
Pain !
I feel inside It¹s such a
Shame !
No­one fights fair, but who¹t to
Might be the game of life but it ain¹t over
Now ! I walk my way firm any
How !
My conscience speaks and there are
Doubts !
But nothing¹s sure in life and it ain¹t over
Now !
I look here... Over my head ...
When the sinner

Přidal: dne 13. 06. 2006 v 12:23.
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