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Helloween - In The Night - text písně

Texty písní » Helloween - In The Night

Helloween - stát se fanouškem

In the night I¹m calling you !
Be my guide help me through !
In the night I call your name
You¹re the light in times of shame !
The songs I sing
All my love I bring for you !
I always try to make things better
Everything that has gone wrong
Mighty plans in the right direction
but very little has been done
Everyday when I try to get forward
I find myself another mile back
Help me fightint !
Help me breathin !
Why am i falling down instead ?
Ev¹ry useful minute seems to be the tought of you
Ev¹ry hour seems like wasted, filled with things that I might do
Without love in my reactions seems th saddest thing, but¹s true !
In the night ...
Sometimes I cried after all I lied to you
Free from ourselves and free from this world we may find
The freedom we search
RCause all that we need is iinside !
The hours we waste we may not get back for a while
And when it gets dark
No chance will be there for a cry
When I make up early in the morning
I catch a book and jump inside
I fill my head witha million wonders
And try to fill the night with light
The moment when i get things clearer
I see another mountain to climb
And always when I think I¹m nearer
I realise there is no time
In the night...
This song I sing, all my love I bring for you !

Přidal: dne 12. 06. 2006 v 12:43.
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