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Hard-Fi - Better Do Better - text písně

Texty písní » Hard-Fi - Better Do Better

Hard-Fi - stát se fanouškem

You're back, sitting on my doorstep,
ah yeah like nothing happened.
Telling me you're free and oh,
can you see me again?
Yeah right, you've been kicked out,
do you think I'm that stupid?
You say you're free but didn't he just oh oh oh...
get tired of you kid.

I could not eat for days,
I cried so much my face,
has never been the same...
And now you're back here with your lies.
I hope you realise...

You think I'm gonna take you back!
You'd better do better than that.
I'll tell ya how its gonna be,
don't you never ever come near me.
Let me tell you how I've been:
I've been hiding from my friends,
hiding from the world,
hiding from myself.
You think you'll come round here,
start singing in my ear,
girl you damaged me,
I don't forgive so easily.
You better do better than that!

Your face makes me want to be sick,
ah yeah it's a physical reaction...
You'd better leave because you see I
Can't; won't be blamed for my actions.
Oh, how I ever loved you...
So dumb, how did I ever trust you?
But you and he laughed at me, oh
when you're laid together.

I couldn't eat for days,
I cried so much my face,
has never been the same...
And now you're back here with your lies.
I hope you realise...


I gave you everything I had girl,
but you had to try and take some more.
You went behind my back girl,
cheated on me, I was the last to know.
Did everything we have girl,
meant nothing to ya,
well I was such a fool...
Now you come crawling back girl,
oh let me tell ya I am through with you.

Oh I'm back up off the floor,
and I won't get hurt no more,
I've been waiting for this day when,
you'll be back here with your lies,
I hope you realise...


Say something, say something...
Say something, say something...

You'd better do better than that! (reverb, music to fade)

Přidal: DJ OTTA dne 03. 03. 2006 v 10:33.
Počet zobrazení: 120 (0).

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