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Halo Friendlies - Sifted Out Like Grain - text písně

Texty písní » Halo Friendlies - Sifted Out Like Grain

Halo Friendlies - stát se fanouškem

why are you so cruel
when you pick up the phone
when i come to your home
what did i do wrong?

do you remember back then
when we were good friends
but now you pretend
just to be nice

now i know who you are
you're just a big clown
with a big fake smile
and a big fake laugh

i just wanted to be your friend
but you wanted a kiss
all the fun and laughter we had
i will miss

don't you go around town
just putting me down
telling all yor friends
that i'm a fool

cuz i don't need your friends
and i don't need your jokes
i never wanted to be
more than your friend

but you think you're so cool
you can't handle the truth
your motives mislead
yet you call me a tease
why are you so mean?
you never call me back
you're giving me attitude
how'd you get so rude?
can't we just get along?
i didn't do you wrong
get over yourself
and let's be friends

cuz i don't want to go on
feeling this way
i wanna say hi
without you walking away

but if you want to stay mad
you just go right ahead
one day you'll grow up
and you'll be a man

Přidal: adelkabc dne 28. 09. 2007 v 12:48.
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