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Gipsy - Melusina - text písně

Texty písní » Gipsy - Melusina

Gipsy - stát se fanouškem


Melusina is comming through
Melusina is comming to you
spirit of the wind, orchestra subject
spirit of the wind, assault in ya project

verse 1

Who is behind it? who blows?
encirclin ya lair whatcha think? what does it want?
orchestra set to go, psycho in da F
3,4, Melusina came to visit ya home
you thought like, yo, it´s just a breeze
but when you listened the set you suddenly becamin freezed
and Melusina whisperin the first strophe
lyrical express appalin every man stain lonely
you can´t move, you can´t breathe like U´d be obsessed
it´s not effect of ignoration daily stress
for the first you just pass through you laught to
this is ya first paranormal experience
I´d like to seee ya face, like by The Ring
everyday seventh day for a death girl in a well
face ya sins now, travel in a conscience space
wind comes to sum up ya all days..


Pimp, get deep in this a madness
this is a consequence of ya bitchin business
feel every minute of a pain you gived
used like a ware im-exporting you like some drug bitch
claim around you saw more but stayed with us
ya feature is trashin, now eat a act of a recompensas..
the last smoke diz day you get so high as possible
feel like you fell my imagine is so horrible
how did you get into the build anyway?
don´t you anticipate a fact that you just a one here?
diz build is uninhabited, ready to fell
like you my friend.. can´t you hear the bell??

strophe, whispery, recompense, missery,
wind, conscience, end of ya history
spirits and bell, on some things is a right time..
now.. now eat...


Přidal: ema dne 08. 03. 2006 v 07:48.
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