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Gin manca abakus, ker mange
Jekh, duj, trin, štar, pandž
Pratin tut pal o maľi more
Paľis dža te ginel paš
Gin manca abakus, dža het, dža...
Šov, efta, ochto, eňa, deš
Pratin tut pal o maľi more
Kaj aveha Domardo, beš

One for the microfone and two for the bass
Three for the groove and four is for the base
Five is the guit and the six is for the violin
Seven the heaven and the eight for the load in
Nine is the backlight, the ten is valve on the mix
Eleven is my feeling, twelve is ya twelve inch
Thirteen is the dream, fourteen is the fourteen
Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen, teen, another means..
And I shoot another numbers till the count ends the line
Twenty is another, so let´s describe this num, fine
Twenty is the compression, we get to twenty one, baby
2 plus the digit one is the press setting on
Twenty three tracks bounced to the twenty four bits
And twenty five fixes and another is the twenty six
Twenty seven faders, twenty eight days after
Twenty nine, thirty and another damn numbers

Thirty one golden angels for selt records and
Thirty two points to proove that this is wicked
Two threes, that it´s double plus for the label
Three four, three five milions on the table
So thirty six chambers of the shaolin we know
And thirty seven is the way we now wanna go
So 38, regulate and call this as ya hymnus
And 39 is the pain of the lord Jesus
So we get to the forties, we sample good oldies
41 street, respect for all ya homies
Never been on the 42, 43 and 44
Another damn digits, hundreds, milion and mmore...


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