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Gavin Degraw - Next To Me - text písně

Texty písní » Gavin Degraw - Next To Me

Gavin Degraw - stát se fanouškem

Listen up destiny
I know you want to get pressed to me
So don't be such a stone
When I call you on the phone
Or I won't be using that number again

Maybe what you had was broke
You want to get high and they don't
So I had a drink
'Cause it helped me think
Now you say I've been drinking too much

But my hands start shaking
And my heart starts quaking
Like a nightmare naked in school
And I want to tell you

Wait a minute sister
I know I ain't your mister yet
Just give me a chance and see
But you won't even get next to me

What you want to do now
You're gonna have to give somehow
And I've got that thing you need
But you won't even get next to me

Once I get you in my grip
Follow my eyes to your hips
Don't you pull away
You've done it every day
Just stay
Why don't you stay
Why don't you stay baby
Put away your old disguise
You don't want no other guys
We're having so much fun
I know you shouldn't run
But you run, you just run
You just run baby


Me here
Heart in hand
What I can
Running thin
Come on girl
Let me in


Přidal: zúú dne 19. 05. 2008 v 14:07.
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