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Fishbone - Love...Hate - text písně

Texty písní » Fishbone - Love...Hate

Fishbone - stát se fanouškem

Love Hate Love is deep within your gut
struck with fire to the touch Hate is when
you can't relate in a different state to hate
Revenge execute pain to the thief of Love
filled with Hate I won't mistake

Inside out pin Love is grand Outside in
pain Hate awaits Ain't love grand it saves
the human Sometimes Love is never
finished Some times Hate is never ending
Love & Hate too close for most but
Revenge can make it even

Love, Hate...Love to Hate To Love to Kill by
the will of loving Hate

Kill the Love with your fear and then the
Revenge will set in.

Revenge...Quench the Hate in the mean
time but in the end your soul will end.
Revenge...Like a junkie that needs his
shott, Hate Revenge the brotha's twins.

Love is solid and won't go nowhere
Love will stay as sure as Life lives
Love will stay it's crept in everywhere
Love, Hate, too close for most but revenge
can make it even (Repeat)

Revenge: is gained when Hate kills Love
Love rises above because Love is the dove
Love and Hate both are the same Causing
the extreme opposites of the same pain

When we meet on The fields of onions to
make war Brings tears to my eyes...Love &
Hate Brings tears to my eyes. When Love
dies Hate will arise.

When Love dies Hate will arise

Hate will arise for you to despise
Hate is laughing at your fate Love is
beautiful and it is potent Love inhibits
the inhabitant of Love Love is the
permanent state Hate is for the late freight.

Peace, Love and Hate can definitely relate.

Přidal: Larius dne 15. 03. 2006 v 18:48.
Počet zobrazení: 108 (0).

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