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Eluveitie - Slanias Song - text písně

Texty písní » Eluveitie - Slanias Song

Eluveitie - stát se fanouškem

catoues caletoi
urit namantas anrimius
ro- te isarnilin -urextont,
Au glannabi rhenus
Ad ardus alpon,
Tou' magisa matua
Tou' brigas iuerilonas

Budinas bardon
Clouos canenti
Anuanon anmaruon,
Cauaron colliton,
Adio- biuotutas -robirtont
Uolin cridili
Are rilotuten atrilas

A ulati, mon atron,
A brogi'm cumbrogon!
Exs tou' uradiu uorrobirt
Cenetlon clouision
Cauaron caleton

A blatu blande bitos biuon!
A ‚m' atriia, a ‚ma helvetia!

Tou' mnas et genetas,
Tigernias, tecas,
Tou' uiroi uertamoi
In sose cantle cingeton
In- gutoues -beronti.
Cante cladibu in lame
Exsrextos canumi:

[English translation:]

Grim battles
Against countless foes
Have steeled you
From the shores of the Rhine
To the top of the Alps,
Your fair meadows,
Your rank heathlands

The choirs of bards
Sing the glory
Of the undying names
Of fallen heroes,
That gave their lives,
Their blood
For the freedom of their fatherland.

Oh Sovereignty of my fathers
Oh land of my countrymen!
From your root sprang
A glorious nation
Of dure heroes.

Oh dulcet blossom of the living world!
Oh my fatherland, oh my Helvetia!

Your woman and maids
Noble and fair,
Your highest men
To this bravesong
They join in
The sword in my hand
Stand up and sing:

Přidal: Lisa dne 14. 05. 2008 v 20:21.
Počet zobrazení: 304 (1).

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