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Eels - L.a. River - text písně

Texty písní » Eels - L.a. River

Eels - stát se fanouškem

Walking along by the l.a. river
This river's such a joke
And so am i
I don't know why i should believe her
I don't care what she says
I wanna die

I'd jump right in the drink
But there's no water
I'd jump right in and sink
Away from here
Poor river
Empty river
I'm feeling just like you

Walking along by the l.a. river
Stepping on broken glass
And kicking cans
She's telling me i don't even know her
I guess there's some things i won't understand

I'd love to float away like old tom sawyer
I'd love to run away and be huck finn
Poor river
Empty river
I'm feeling just like you

Walking along by the l.a. river
Reading graffiti
And throwing stones
She's looking for someone to deliver
She doesn't give a damn if i'm alone

I'd dive right in and drown
But there's no water
My head may hit the ground
But still I'm here
Poor river
L.a. river
I'm feeling just like you

Přidal: DJ OTTA dne 06. 03. 2006 v 19:44.
Počet zobrazení: 172 (0).

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