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Edge Of Satanity - Not Of This World - text písně

Texty písní » Edge Of Satanity - Not Of This World

Edge Of Satanity - stát se fanouškem

Come follow me, yeah into the night
Let me show you something, oh the greatest fright
The ultimate of horrors, that man can't explain
A fucking living nightmare, you'll ask yourself if you are sane
Is this the outer limits, is this the twilight zone
Or from another planet, a motherfucking UFO
Do you feel in doubt, of your sanity
Can you believe your eyes, is this really what you see
You get down on your knees, saltwater in your eyes
Well if you're sure of something, you are sure that it is...

Not of this world, as I know it, I feel my fear growing
Not of this world, which we live in, is this a new beginning

So come follow me, to the edge of sanity
If you're a non-believer, well this you cannot flee
Cause when you see the sights, of this brightened night
You can't look away, the light is too fucking bright
You have nowhere to run, no fucking place to hide
Your mind rips apart, this is the way I'm gonna die
You get down on your knees, saltwater in your eyes
Well if you're sure of something, you are sure that it is...


You pinch your skin in despair
You cannot breathe your gasping for air
The sights you see, you don't wanna believe
Convince yourself that your minds been deceived

Bang your head!


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