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Eazy E - Sippin On A 40 - text písně

Texty písní » Eazy E - Sippin On A 40

Eazy E - stát se fanouškem

Sippin on a 40
Sippin on a 40

[Gangsta Dresta]
Aye Yo lets roll to the store
Eazy-E so we can buy us some O.E.
40 oz. gettin' a buzz with the thuggz
In the neighborhoods black
But buy you a couple of extra one's for the neighborhood

Nigga you be drinkin' out my bottle
Bitch thats bullshit still got semen on ya lips
From the homies dick
Trick yo the home girl
But sit you like a loose goose
So gimmie a couple of dollars
So I can bring you back a duece duece

[B.G. Knocc Out]
Well bring B.G. Knocc Out back a muthaphukkin 40 o.
So me and my nigga Big Boy can go and cop some indo
And well be right back at you niggaz with a quick fast
Dresta don't forget to buy ya couple of packs of Zig-Zags

Sippin on a 40
(8-ball rollin')
(nick name Eazy-E)
Sippin on a 40
(8-ball rollin')
(Drinkin' like a mad man yes I do)

Back to the store all the 40 o's were kinda hot

[Gangsta Dresta]
Get the shit or not

Naw Lets roll to another spot
Back in the four to another store

[Gangsta Dresta]
I told you the store on 124th keep the cold brew
[Speakin' Spanish]
Make a right

The Store ain't in sight

[Gangsta Dresta]
Nigga it's right pass the next light
Pass across the light
Now heres what you gotta do
Get in ya left lane and make a muthaphukkin U

Lets get at least 10 40's and at least 10 22's
That should be enough for the whole muthaphukkin crew
Plus they got indo a niggas gonna be double blitz

[Gangsta Dresta]
Oh give me some Zig-Zags and 2 packs of Double Mint

Sippin on a 40
(8-ball rollin')
(nick name Eazy-E)
Sippin on a 40
(got the 8-ball rollin')

[B.G. Knocc Out]
Yo Dresta

[Gangsta Dresta]
Whats up

[B.G. Knocc Out]
Did you bring back some gum?

[Gangsta Dresta]
Hell yeah

[B.G. Knocc Out]
Good now a nigga breath won't be yo hum
Now pass me a stick
So I can spit game at this trick
Cause beer breath and tricks don't mix

Y'all don't give a fuck what a punk bitch stank
Cause my breath always stank every time I take a drank
40's I be downin' I'm Drownin' my self
Let me hit the joint and I'll be clowin' everybody else

[Gangsta Dresta]
You wont be clowin' me
Cause I got dose for your trick ass
Oh bitch you tryin' tah bag
I got dose for your bitch ass
Well let me hit the joint
Once again and we can go G but
Oh let me take a sip off the O.E.

Sippin on a 40
(8-ball rollin')
(nick name Eazy-E) [x4]

Přidal: mušle dne 17. 07. 2005 v 16:37.
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