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Duran Duran - Do You Believe In Shame - text písně

Texty písní » Duran Duran - Do You Believe In Shame

Duran Duran - stát se fanouškem

Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in shame?
And if love can conquer all
Then why do we only feel the pain?

I heard you speak my name
Heard you singing The Stones
Maybe heard you laughing in a line of static
On my telephone

So why your eyelids are closed,
Inside a case of rust
And did you have to change
All your poets fire into frozen dust

I've tried to justify it to learn from your mistake
But where's the stupid lie that has to make it's point
With such a pointless waste

Come out

Do you believe in shame?
Do you believe in love?
And if they taste the same
Would you love again or abandon both?

I don't think I ever can
Belive my friend has gone
Keep saying it's alright I'm going to bring you back
But I know I'm wrong

There's nothing I can say
There's nothing left to do
It's just that lately I feel so damn lonely
When I think of you

And it may seem selfish now
But I'll hold on to the memory
Until all this fear is washed away
Do you believe in love?
Do you believe in life?
'Cos I believe a little part of you inside of me
Will never die...

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