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Donots - Feeble - text písně

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Donots - stát se fanouškem

they come crawling tome everytime that i feel safe
those thoughts that remind me of weakness
it´s amiracle i´ve never drowned in the waves
of mediocrity since my life´s a mess
who´s to bear the responsibilities in this time?
who am i to judge on what´s bad and fine
who´s gonna tell me what to do,think,say?
who am i anyway
so give me the shoes that walk into the right direction!
give me the head that keeps me from distraction!
give me(thanks!)the words that lead to interaction!
help me out, i need an connexion!
indepedence ain´t biss, to me it´s a threat
i´d rather be living within chocking bounds
freedom of choice is a state that drives me mad
so make my choices and leave me tied tot he ground
but please don´t leave me to my own devices
you know my my helplessness is one of my vices
take control and pull the leash, ma friend
clench my life
it´s slipping through my hands...
(very grave and spooky´en?! anyway, it´s sad to
see how many people lack the initiative
when it comes to making important
decisions and how that affects their

Přidal: Schneemann dne 09. 07. 2008 v 08:57.
Počet zobrazení: 75 (0).

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