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Dj Maj Ft. 4th Avenue Jones - What You Want - text písně

Texty písní » Dj Maj Ft. 4th Avenue Jones - What You Want

Dj Maj Ft. 4th Avenue Jones - stát se fanouškem

turn up your radio dial this now the jam zone
i'm making tracks homie serving their lacks until the amps blown
with the kind of flows you can't clone
my tight poems sewing the game up putting the clamps on
never fake made for tv
real and i'm coming with skills fans camping out 3 days to see me
my whole click tighter than a beanie
removing our foes ready to prove it to those who don't believe me
when I was young thinking of a way to ball
i came with a rap style that'll fade them all
stayed true when I did it never had to switch
now my crew done came up from a rag to rich
rock sold out shows for a piece of mayo
got my own record company and beats for sale
excel when I get on it sound tight now don't it
i see the look in your eyes you know you want it
you know you want it

we got what you want we got what you need we got what you want
this is what you want (what you want - come on) this is what you need (what you need come on) this is what you want (you know you want it you know you want it)

verse 2

tina jones doper than him and him
cause they're debted like the letter that stan wrote to eminem
rap hard but still i'm feminine
while you walk i move quicker than black thought's adrenaline
my momma call me when she need a grand
got my own money forget all that oh honey i need a man
if i'm on this fixin' to be the jam
flow with the jones' forever you can bet ima' never leave the fam
ladies and gentlemen we came to rock
your radio's on fire cause we blazin' hot
thank God cause he gave me everything i got
some of you shame to say it i'm a shame to not
why you wanna try to claim the block
aint it better for us coming together like a chain and lock
you aught to feel like the pain in pot when i get on it
quit trying to front you know you want you know you want it you want it


verse 3

see what you know about this an orthodox modern day doc holiday
spot a phoney bout' a mile away
give you what you need on sight not just a poet but
i was mcing before the tough got goin
ima showem Lord evil spirits will get defeated
they been sleeping so long i'm feeling kind of postripedic
where the needle at don't inject but just rap
say my crew don't mack so gailey hit em' with a
they homie solo told me always hustle like a fast break
do it how you do it like if you was on your last leg
thanks black crew move like xlax slide city to city
sleep on the bus the we out cause
next spot gotta be blessed gotta be blown
deliver blows to all of my foes and yell jones
first ones to show and the last ones to leave
anybody disagree we gonna' give you what you need

Přidal: Ondra dne 14. 05. 2010 v 09:00.
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