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Dark Moor - The Moon - text písně

Texty písní » Dark Moor - The Moon

Dark Moor - stát se fanouškem


Full moon in the height
Full moon in the night
Influence of the Moon
Can make an artist or a loon
of loves


Spirit, like the moon
Can be an expanded white balloon
which hovers


Life is a dream
When it reflects a gleam
that we catch as the essence
Which is hidden in the beam
Feel the Moon


It is the daughter of mystic water
We hear the tune played
by the light of the moon
Intuition is condition to
understand the moonlight
It means is clean mind
see.. feel.. love.. hear

The Moon!
Listen to the Moon!
O, listen to the Moon!
The Moon!
We are deceived
by what’s believed
lies of the moon

Our soul have strewn
watching the other
side someone thinks
that is a mother
What seemed a sphinx
The moon deludes
The moon is shrewd
The moon misleads
The moon obtrudes
The moon inside...


Fantasy fades soon
when not supported by the moon
In crescent


Fancies sends the moon
and they are granted as a boon
or present



The calling of the moon
O, the moon serenade
Music played by the moonlight
The moon in the morning must fade
at night can evermore rise
It is the night maid
in daytime disguise
of morning afraid


Influence of the moon
can make an artist or a loon
of lovers



Below the moon
within the silent night
we hear it’s sounding light
It’s music is the movement
of emotions which are burning
in the sweetness of creation
recreated by the magic
force of love
It’s the motion of sensations
returning to imagination

In the deepness resonated
by the magic of the moon
It’s the movement it’s the motion
of emotions of sensations
they are burning they’re returning
recreated by the magic, magic, of the
burning by the magic, magic
of the Moon
Below the Moon!

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