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Daniel Lopes - Shine On - text písně

Texty písní » Daniel Lopes - Shine On

Daniel Lopes - stát se fanouškem

Shine on
Let it shine on 2-Mal
Shine On
Let it shine on

You stare at the wall
And answer polites
We talk of the past
And now we're alright
I call for the waiter
Then I catch your eye
The Make-Up tells
You cried

A bottle of red
And tissues to go
We haul then a taxi
And before I know
You tell me your story
And all I can say
Is love will come your way

Shine on
After the pain
Of love has gone
You'll find the will
To carry on
As long as you keep
Your dream alive
Somehow I know
You will shine on

Lay up the skys
Are clear the sun
You're not the best
Is than to gone
Even we no
Once by your side
Somehow I know
You will shine on

We drive to the night
And no care about
The meter ist running
And lights are gone out
You tell me that lonely
Is being alone
And you're not going home
The touch of your hands
Says way more than words
We just made it home
When you gave me the world
Blassed by the fire
And warm by the flame
I know you felt the same

With no regrets
No questions why
But I need
A say good bye
Two lonely souls
In search for one to
Show us how to

Shine On
After the pain has gone
Shine On
Somehow I know you will shine on

Shine On
Baby keep shine on
Shine On
Somhow I know you will shine on

Ref.: (2-Mal)
Shine on
After the pain...

Přidal: helena dne 01. 02. 2008 v 00:00.
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